2017 Food Trends: February Update

The charts below show the latest fine-dining ingredient trends. Of the 30 most-used ingredients, clams, vinaigrettes, butter and oysters saw the greatest increase in usage from January to February whereas squash, lemons and kale saw the largest declines during the month. These findings are displayed in the charts below.

top-30-chart   top-30

Trends are also shown for the top 20 ingredients within several categories.

In the meat category, suckling pig and venison saw the largest monthly increases, while the use of rabbit, ham and sausage declined substantially. In the seafood category, prawns, mussels and clams saw increases.


Seasonal effects presumably drove down the usage of squash, endive and beets over the past month, and lemons also saw a decline. Looking at the list of herbs and seasonings, paprika saw a large jump in February while mint declined.


Pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, and sunflower seeds all saw substantial declines, while peanut usage increased by 40%. In the pasta category, gnocchi, tortelli and cannelloni usage increased, while chefs backed away from risotto and ravioli.


Pecorino saw a large jump in usage in February while parmesan, gruyere and gorgonzola declined.


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2017 Food Trends: January Update

We analyzed the menus at exactly one-hundred fine dining restaurants in New York City, and the tables below show the frequency with which the top ingredients were mentioned in those menus collectively.

This is our inaugural data set, but on a monthly basis, the tables will be updated to show trends among these ingredients, and we will provide context and commentary. We will also feature trends among more scarcely-used and intriguing menu items. Check back for the February edition at the end of the month!