2017 Food Trends: March Update

The charts below show the latest fine-dining ingredient trends. Of the 30 most-used ingredients, parmesan, ricotta, and almonds saw the greatest increases in usage from February to March whereas squash, apples and bacon saw the largest declines. These findings are displayed in the charts below.

OverallFood Graph

In the meat category, beef, lamb and sausage use steadily increased for the second month in a row. In fact, beef replaced chicken as the most used meat ingredient. On the other hand, duck, bacon, oxtail and suckling pig all saw their usage decline from February to March.

On the seafood side, lobster and crab saw the largest increases during the month. Squid, octopus, mussels and fluke all continued to gain in March after also rising in February. Scallops and bass saw their usage decline considerably during the month.

Meat Seafood

Seasonal effects likely had a large impact on the produce trends in March as the season is beginning to change. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the continued decline in squash usage. The vegetable declined from 107 menu mentions in January to 78 in March. Celery also saw a decline during the month, as its root was utilized less by chefs. Tomato, lemon, onion, and radish all saw gains during the month.

When it comes to herbs, mint and paprika saw their usage rise, while fennel,  basil, saffron, cilantro, dill and oregano usage declined.

Produce Herb

There was quite a bit of movement in nut usage during the month with almond and pistachio use increasing and hazelnut, pine nut and chestnut usage declining. Sesame usage increased during March while pumpkin seeds continued their decline.

On the pasta side, the most dramatic movements were the increase in cavatelli usage and the decline in pappardelle usage. Spaetzle and bucatini both continued their steady decline in usage as well.

Grain Pasta

When it comes to cheese, parmesan and ricotta both saw large increases during the month, while goat cheese and gruyere both saw their usage continue to decline in March.



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